390 Logo

(made in 2023)

Play with (like flick 😛) this “6.390 Intro to ML” course logo below; or go here to go full-blown. Design and colors inspired by tensorflow logo, the GEB book, and the MIT EECS logo.

Arcade Taiko

(made in 2021)

Hack the signal chain to play Taiko no Tatsujin on Switch with… drum roll please… electronic drums!

Badge of Honor

(made in 2021)

Track and show off the star/fork counts of your favorite GitHub project

and house it in a design-it-yourself Lego. Whoohoo~, perfect fit~ perfect for holiday gifting!

Curtain Call

(made in 2015)

iPhone/Apple Watch-controlled curtain.

  • Software: A host app on iPhone that communicates with a Bluetooth shield on an Arduino Uno board. iOS code here, Arduino base code here.

  • Hardware: A servo controlled by the Uno board; and a set of pulley and transmission belt (those used in 3D printers) mounted onto the curtain rod.