👋 Hi there! I’m a Lecturer in EECS at MIT.

Previously, I was a lecturer and postdoc at Princeton University and then MIT. I received my Ph.D. in EECS from MIT, working on optimization and robotics with Russ Tedrake. I received my S.M. also from MIT EECS, working on educational technology. And before that, I graduated valedictorian from the Harbin Institute of Technology, China, with a B.S. in AeroAstro and a B.A. in English Literature.

Besides teaching and engineering, I love comedy, skateboarding, and learning languages.

shenshen at mit dot edu | office 24-328 | @shensquared (github; gitlab)


near future:

In fall23, I’m teaching 6.790 Machine Learning (formerly 6.867).

In spring24, I’ll be teaching 6.390 Intro to Machine Learning (formerly 6.036).

subjects I’ve taught in the past (in years prior to 2020 as a graduate student):


  • 6.390 Intro to Machine Learning | S23, F22
  • 6.790 Machine Learning | F22, F19
  • 6.002 Circuits and Electronics | F15, S15, F14, S14
  • 6.002x Circuits and Electronics (on edX) | F13
  • 6.003 Signals and Systems | S13


  • ORF363/COS323 Computing and Optimization | S21, F20